We look at several important criteria in qualifying coaches for Gazelles International. Individuals seeking application should meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Be substantially engaged in providing business coaching and or management consulting services to mid-market firms with clients ranging between 10 and 250 employees (or more) and/or $1MM to $250MM in annual revenue.
  • Have at least three years of proven, successful experience consulting with mid-market-sized organizations or experience running a business unit at the P&L level or greater.
  • Possess a successful track record in executive-level management and leadership and in growing their own coaching business.
  • Be an entrepreneur who has built a successful mid-market company. If you are unsure if you meet our requirements, feel free to complete the brief online application and then we will reach out to schedule a call with Amy Chia-Torres, Director of Coach & Client Engagement, to discuss further.


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    of Gazelles International Coaches' clients

Once you possess a firm grasp of Gazelles and our coaching approach and are ready to move forward, we will ask for you to complete the following:

  1. Complete and submit the application online.
  2. Schedule an exploratory telephone conversation with Amy Chia-Torres.
  3. After our discussion, if we feel it is as mutually beneficial fit, you will be asked to provide:
    • A professional resume and three references with which to speak in due time (two business client references and one character reference).
    • A summary business overview highlighting how you plan to use Gazelles resources and relationships, within the context your firm. The purpose of this document is to provide visibility into the locations and number of coaches within your firm, and how Gazelles fits into your business paradigm.
    • Completion of a personal strengths assessment.
      We will provide you a ROI profile, a sneak peek at our Four Decisions Intellectual Property, and other documentation that will help you in your investigation and decision-making process, including access to other Gazelles International coaches with whom to speak.

The application and due diligence process take 2-3 weeks to complete.

If we both agree that we are a good fit, and you meet our qualifications, we will prepare a Gazelles International Coaching Association Agreement for you to complete along with a billing authorization form. Once you return these documents and your first payment is processed, you will be accepted (Welcomed!) into Gazelles International.

Fill out your online Application

Then schedule a Call

After submitting your application, schedule an exploratory telephone conversation with Amy Chia-Torres.

Once accepted, orientation will be your first step as a new Gazelles coach. As a new coach you will receive:

  1. A copy of Scaling Up by Verne Harnish.
  2. Online access to the “Coaches Only” portion of our website.
  3. Online access to the Gazelles Growth Institute online seminars.
  4. An invitation to the bi-annual Coaches and Growth summits (May and October in the United States, March in Australia, April/May in Europe). Your dues as a coach cover registration to these conferences. Your cost will only be that of travel expenses. (Dues cover up to 2 conferences per year).

Finally, you will have access to the world renown Gazelles International Coaches Certification Program and the opportunity to become a Gazelles International Certified Coach.

Becoming a Gazelles International Coach can truly make a difference for your business and your clients. We invite you to explore your opportunities with Gazelles International. Our coaches receive exposure to the best professional development and executive education available, on any continent.

Gazelles International coaches receive the following benefits and more:
  • Paid registration fees, materials and working sessions

    For the semi-annual Gazelles Coaches Summits, held twice a year in the United States, and once a year in Australia and Europe. These Gazelles conferences help position our coaches on the cutting edge of practical, strategic and effective processes, which they can profitably share with their own clients. For a reduced registration fee, clients may also attend.

  • Client awareness and exposure

    Through our global Gazelles and Gazelles International branding, marketing and partner relationships.

  • Entry to exceptional networking, professional education and best practices exchange opportunities

    With other successful consulting and coaching professionals through peer exchange and periodic exposure to other top business thinkers and successful entrepreneurs throughout the world.

  • Access to the coaches’ Member’s site

    Containing a collaborative forum, and many other online, 24/7 coaching resources.

  • Access to Gazelles Growth Institute

    A learning portal with online seminars by top business thought leaders.

Gazelles coaches also have the opportunity to participate in the Gazelles International Certification process. This process formally certifies coaches in the latest Gazelles and Rockefeller Habits processes and tools (Four Decisions™).

Certified coaches enjoy additional benefits including:
  • Use of exclusive versions of Gazelles Intellectual Property licensed only for use by our certified coaches.

    Certified coaches also gain leverage from Verne Harnish’s relationship with Fortune Magazine and our extensive international network of thought leaders and content partners.

  • Special access to "certified coaches only" content on the Member’s website

    With additional resources, materials and peer-to-peer discussion and networking.

  • Networking opportunities

    With best of class thought leaders from around the world.

  • Increased visibility via white paper and article publication on our website

    Grow your reach and credibility by tapping into the strength of our brand and online presence.

  • Use of the Gazelles International Certified logo

    For use on business cards, websites, e-mail signatures, etc., gaining leverage and recognition from the Gazelles International brand as well as “certified” status.

  • And more!

    We are always looking for ways to add value to certification for our coaches, so this list is ever expanding.


To join Gazelles International and become a Certified Coach:
First Year Fees for Certified Coaches: $17,500


  • Initiation fee
  • Four Decisions Intellectual Property Certification Training (2 days live)
  • Business Development Training (1/2 day live)
  • Selling Skills Training (1/2 day live)
  • Executive Team Exercise Training modules (40 hours online)
  • 90 day mentoring with a senior coach
  • Quarterly Dues: which includes attendance at two Summits (6 days of education), access to Members Only website and proprietary resources, and unlimited personal access to all the on demand seminars on www.growthinstitute.com
  • Four Decisions Intellectual Property license fee for one year

Schedule of Payments for the first year: $6,500 payable when you join, then monthly payments of $1,000 for 11 months.

Year Two and Beyond: Fees for Certified Coaches: $9,000
  • Quarterly Dues: which includes attendance at two Summits (6 days of education), access to Members Only website and proprietary resources, and unlimited personal access to all the on demand seminars on www.growthinstitute.com
  • Four Decisions IP license fee for one year
  • 4 hour Recertification Training once per year

All fees are payable by ACH in the United States and by charge/credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) for outside of the United States.


Gazelles International is a trust-based organization and your commitments as a member are straightforward.

Our coaches commit to a one-year, renewable affiliation with Gazelles International. Affiliation and entry into Gazelles International begins when you return your signed Gazelles International Coaching Association Agreement and billing authorization form, covering the initiation fee and first quarter’s dues.

The Association Agreement takes effect on a mutually agreed upon date and ends exactly one year later, and automatically renews after that. So long as you pay your quarterly dues, your affiliation with Gazelles International remains in full force and effect, allowing you to continue to enjoy all the membership benefits.

A coach may terminate membership in Gazelles International after the first full year of commitment, upon giving 90-days written notice directly to President Keith Cupp. If a coach terminates membership in accordance with these terms, s/he is eligible to pay a small fee and move into a status of "inactive coach" for up to one year. An inactive coach can reactive his or her membership within that year of inactivity without paying any additional initiation or reactivation fees.


What our coaches say...

Cheryl Beth Kuchler
CEO Think Tank & Business Improvement

I have gained an incredible amount since becoming involved with the Gazelles organization including friends and colleagues and as one of my advisors had told me, great intellectual property. And we’ve really been able to help the clients we work with because of that, and that’s really how it has benefited our practice.

Mark Green
Performance Dynamics Group

I joined Gazelles International to credibly elevate my practice into the middle market and to surround myself with ‘next level’ coaches who can help me continue my own professional growth. I’ve achieved both in relatively short order and continue to value and appreciate the education, the community, and the ever-evolving tools that enable me to achieve my personal and professional goals.

Tim Storm

Having a Gazelles coach has meant a complete transformation in my company over the last two and a half years. We went from the first eight years of our company with just me running by the seat of my pants. Having the exposure to all kinds of management insight has just made a complete change in our company.