David Baney

Dave Baney is the founder and CEO of 55 Question, LLC. He works with Entrepreneurs and CEOs of growth companies in the implementation of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits - Four Decisions process.

Dave provides support and expertise in executive team coaching and development, as well as strategic planning and meeting facilitation.

Dave brings 30+ years of leadership and management experience to his company 55 Questions, LLC. He is a multi-disciplined executive with extensive experience working in the USA, Latin America and Europe. Dave has led teams at two Fortune 500 companies as a senior executive in the Marketing, Operations, New Product Development, Real Estate and Construction disciplines.

As a senior executive, Dave has consistently demonstrated the ability to grow an existing customer base and develop new opportunities, on a local, national and global basis, through crisp execution, dynamic marketing and a focus on customer satisfaction. He has demonstrated his ability in 32 countries to quickly grasp the issues and lead teams that create solutions and deliver positive outcomes.

His track record includes a history of successful turnarounds and brand building while delivering financial results. Dave’s career has included roles leading a $1.4 Billion Operating Division, directing over $2 Billion in Advertising and Marketing expenditures as well as successfully opening new 660 restaurants around the world.

Throughout his career, Dave has provided coaching and counseling to hundreds of small to mid-size entrepreneurs and franchise business owners.

Strategic Planning & Accountability Workshops
Executive Team Coaching & Development
Public Workshops and Keynote Speaker

Business Growth
Strategic Planning and Marketing
Real Estate and Market Development
Domestic and International Markets

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The Gazelles process and Dave’s mentoring have had a major effect upon my management philosophy. The meeting and communication that we’ve gone through are incredibly helpful, and his advice and wisdom are always spot-on.

I know we’ve still got a lot of work to do, and much to learn still. I look forward to continuing my involvement with Dave and our ongoing relationship with the Gazelles Four Decisions process.

Last year was a record year for us and this year is even stronger! You’ve got something quite special here.

- Jim Price, President & Managing Partner ICOMM Consulting, Inc.

The Gazelles’ One Page Strategic Plan and Meeting Rhythm have brought a new sense of purpose and direction to our leadership team. The process has helped us focus on growth through improved measurement, discipline and communication.

Last year was a breakthrough year for us and this year is even stronger.

As the leadership team continues to work together more closely, we find ourselves able to focus more on the future success of the company and spend far less time putting out fires.

- Andrew Cretors, President C. Cretors & Company

David Baney

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55 Questions, LLC

Certified Coach

David Baney's Specialties

  • Assist CEOs with a driving ambition to CRUSH their COMPETITION
  • Experienced, strategic marketer enables GROWTH CHALLENGED companies to succeed
  • Facilitate Strategic Planning & Acountability process for EXECUTIONAL EXCELLENCE
  • CUSTOMER FOCUSED competitively driven strategies enhanced by great communication