David Carter

I help CEOs of privately held and family managed firms gain strategic clarity about their future and grow.

I started my firm over 10 years ago with one radical focus - to enable you to make change happen in your business. I believe that everything flows from your change: success, wealth creation, growth, new experience and challenge, motivation, accomplishment, and yes - profitability.

My experience includes 30+ years in a successful international business career. I have lived and worked in the US, New Zealand and Europe holding senior positions with the Thomson Corporation, Wolters Kluwer, Ziff-Davis, HQ, and in healthcare. I founded and developed two businesses prior to David Paul Carter Consulting, and I am the author of The Carter Reports Newsletter/Blog for the past 10+years.

What drives me? To combine the best business practices with entrepreneurial passion and drive, resulting in the success you desire for yourself and your organization.


David, as I reflect back on the past seven years that we have been working together, I am amazed at our Company’s growth and stability. The Strategic Plans you helped us build (and execute) have resulted in the doubling of our sales while still maintaining the Core Values and DNA our organization has been living for eight-plus decades. I remain incredibly grateful for the energy and clarity you continue to bring to our growing Team. With the greatest of gratitude, Brian.

- Brian Lepsis, President, Shingle & Gibb Automation

David has created a forever, game changing difference in my business. We now employ the efforts that he wrung out of us in everything we plan, discuss or strive to achieve. This endeavor is probably the biggest single turning point of our 40-year history. David dug deep into the psyche of our company and clearly understood everything about us. He had the nerve and audacity to direct our internal differences and doubt…and channel them into productive discovery moments. I highly recommend David.

- Tom Russo, President, doeLegal

David Carter

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David Paul Carter Consulting LLC

Certified Coach

David Carter's Specialties

  • Family Managed Firms
  • Change Management and Succession
  • Strategic Thinking and leadership
  • Revenue Growth and Profit Improvement