Monte Wyatt

As one of the top coaches in ActionCOACH Business Coaching, Monte Wyatt brings twenty years of remarkable leadership and personal development experience to executives and business owners. In addition to coaching executives & business owners one-one-one, he conducts public & private workshops & seminars. He is an inspirational key note speaker, a results-oriented business coach and a trainer and coach for other business coaches around the world.

Monte’s goal is to help business owners and executives reach their full potential with clarity.

He brings clarity through four words:
• Awareness: Helps you see things that you cannot see in your self and your business.
• Education: Brings proven strategies in sales and marketing, hiring and training your team, business development, financial controls, leadership and management.
• Implementation: Assists in thinking through and putting education into practice in your business.
• Discipline: Holds you accountable to your goals and actions that you commit to.

6 Important things you should know about Monte.

1. Family comes first. Happily married to Lisa, with whom he is raising three wonderful daughters, Katie, Alison, & Janie.
2. Diverse & successful business career. Prior to starting his Business Coaching Practice in July of 2004, Monte’s extensive career includes sales representative, sales trainer, sales manager, customer relationship marketing manager, & market development manager in the agricultural input industry.
3. Motivated & passionate about helping business owners & executives achieve their professional & personal goals.
4. Committed to serving his local community through Lutheran Church of Hope, Gnemeth Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite, & the W. Des Moines Chamber.
5. Believes in continued personal development, is self-driven & motivated, as well as process oriented & pragmatic.
6. Believes completely in the power of coaching & has multiple coaches for his business.
7. Has a balanced approach to life; family, faith, & fitness.

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There's more to managing people than just "going by instinct" and common sense." If you can accept that fact, and thus, acknowledge you can benefit by some pointers to improve your management methods, then executive coaching with Monte is invaluable. I also appreciate the repeated message that we have to work to adapt our communication to the style and approach of our audience in whatever we do...not just as managers, but as analysts, technicians, sales people, etc.

- Scott Reddig, GuideOne Insurance, Chief Operating Officer

Coach Monte holds me accountable by asking me tough questions like 'Where is your time best spent?' and, 'How can we delegate specific tasks to generate maximum effectiveness while allowing you to think about growing the business?' From our focus together, my marketing is now consistent, our company's image is consistent, and we are watching our key performance indicators closely to make better decisions. Thanks for holding my feet to the fire!

- Katie Roth, PorticoHR, Owner

Monte Wyatt
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Des Moines, Iowa

Phone: 515-222-9193
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Certified Coach

Monte Wyatt's Specialties

  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive / Team Development
  • Business Growth & Consistency