Terry Schaefer

Terry Schaefer is a family business coach working with smart, savvy and successful executives and leadership teams who have built prosperous businesses. Terry recognizes that often this success comes with a sacrifice to the quality of our personal lives, financial wellbeing, and mental/physical health. Being a part of a family business structure himself, Terry understands the complex dynamics and the many variables unique to family-run organizations.

What has become evident in Terry’s professional pursuits is that most organizations do not have a growth platform that is unique to the culture that uses it. In blending the Rockefeller Habits with Executive Leadership Coaching within a family systems orientation, a clear path is uncovered to establish a plan on where you are going, getting focused on a path to follow and executing on that focus.

Terry believes when the team thinks strategically and executes tactically on what is known, then the family business and the next generation of leaders will have a solid platform on which to grow and prosper.

Terry’s talent for increasing focus and clarity helps businesses create the following outcomes:
• Operating from a shared set of values, standards and routines.
• Cohesive and collaborative communications.
• Growth without struggling, producing multiple income/profit streams.
• Clear expectations that drive organizational accountability.
• An implementation path that fits to the uniqueness of the family and the business.

Terry is an advocate of clear and unadulterated growth. He has motivated and empowered businesses to expand their success and broaden their potential through the Four Decisions™ approach. According to Terry, “I wish the Four Decisions™ program was established when I was operating a 45 million dollar family owned toy retailer. It would have streamlined and simplified how our business was run, kept the management team aligned to our vision, and been the foundation for solid growth during economic uncertainty.”

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Terry Schaefer

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