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Ted Ernst Sarvata
If your business is making the world a better place, we should talk.

You are a successful executive. Your company is growing. You are working as many hours as ever and still face an ever-growing to-do list. Is this what you signed up for? If you could have more freedom and time, what would you do? Coach your kid's team? Meet with a key customer? Play a round of golf with your mom & dad? Take a star employee to lunch? Go camping with your grandkids? Invent your next product?

When your executive team agrees on and is accountable for the highest priorities, growth continues with dramatically fewer day-to-day hours from each executive, freeing you for these kinds of actions that really make a difference in the business and your life.

How can you have this freedom and time? Talk with Ted Sarvata (Ted@TedSarvata.com or 503 877 9214). A Gazelles International Certified Coach, Ted's experience leading and guiding groups for 25 years allows him to ask impactful questions, give practical and realistic advice and provide powerful tools that make a difference right away while providing a step by step path for the future. Ted makes the complicated simple, allowing you and your team to focus on what really matters, both inside and outside the business. Ted takes great pride in seeing companies, families, and communities thrive as a result of this transformational work.

Ted grew up in Franklin, Michigan, worked summers for his dad at Ernst Concrete and then earned an electrical engineering degree from Princeton. He now lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two preschool boys. To maximize his time with family, he works with companies in the Pacific Northwest, the Detroit area and New England.

Let's get together for a coffee to talk over what's happening in your business and see if there's a fit between us.


Thanks for an amazing day today. Your honesty, care, smarts and tenacity are pushing me and this company to a new level. This next quarter is going to be one for the history books. More than anything, I want to make it a priority to enjoy it and take time to enjoy working with such a terrific group. Thank you!!

- Kim Malek, Owner and Founder, Salt & Straw

Ted has been terrific for us to work with. He is a creative problem-solver who I trust to ask the hard questions and work with to answer thoughtfully and truthfully. When we work with Ted, we always outline goals and he keeps us on track. I value his contribution to my management team.

- Paige Campbell, President / Partner, Grady Britton

Ted Sarvata

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Portland, Oregon

Phone: 503-877-9214
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Certified Coach

Ted Sarvata's Specialties

  • Executive Team Strategic Planning Off-Sites (Quarterly and Annual)
  • CEO Coaching to Minimize Day to Day Requirements on Your Time
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Maximizing Impact of Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs