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Do you think venture capital is your best option to help your business grow? Think again.

08.30.2015  |  Posted by: admin  |  No Comments ››

Here are three reasons why you might not even want to take VC.

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Should I discount to increase sales?

01.31.2014  |  Posted by: Brad Giles  |  No Comments ››

It’s a common, almost standard tactic of buyers to ask what discount you can give them. And in the minds of many war weary sales people or entrepreneurs over the past few years any sale is a win, and wins don’t come along that often! And if you are dealing with a purchasing department or [...]

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A Guaranteed Formula to Increase NPO Funding

11.08.2013  |  Posted by: Ken Thiessen  |  No Comments ››

In my work with nonprofit executive leadership teams, I have never had an organization say to me, “Ken, our biggest challenge is that we have too much money!”  Generating the necessary cash to fund quality programs to meet the needs of an NPO’s core beneficiary is an ongoing challenge.  A challenge yes, but is it [...]

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Finding a Strategic Partner in Your Banker

10.09.2013  |  Posted by: Nancy Eberhardt  |  No Comments ››

Our business and personal finances can be touchy subjects and are generally considered very private. Our complex relationship with money naturally leads us to avoid tough conversations and prevents us from openly addressing money issues. (Note: see the whole area of behavioral finance, which explores how humans relate uniquely and interestingly to money.)
When people or [...]

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Quality vs. Cost – Renewed Focus on Deliverables, not Bargains

08.05.2013  |  Posted by: Nancy Eberhardt  |  No Comments ››

I have noticed a shift lately, and we’re heading in the right direction. Businesses and organizations are refocused on the importance of delivery – getting what they need, when they want it – instead of pushing for a bargain-basement option.
For the last five years, leaders, decision-makers, and purchasers have been incredibly focused on price. Due [...]

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