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What a Customer Service Revolution Really Is

09.23.2014  |  Posted by: admin  |  No Comments ››

Let’s break that definition down to its core:
“A radical overthrow of conventional business mentality” – This is an approach or mindset to business unlike what anyone has ever thought about previously. It’s radical and unconventional. This unique concept consumes them, energizes them, and ultimately inspires them to create breakthrough companies, products and services.
“designed to transform [...]

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Strategic Planning v3.0 – Strategic Thinking vs Strategic Planning

08.11.2014  |  Posted by: Ken Thiessen  |  1 Comment ››

The words “strategic planning” send chills down the spine of most reasonable people.  That’s due in part to less than positive experiences in a process that was called “strategic planning.”  Given the option of watching paint dry or engaging a strategic planning process, most would choose the former.  Consultants like me share a significant degree [...]

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Facing The Brutal Facts – The Value of an Honest Broker

04.13.2014  |  Posted by: Ken Thiessen  |  No Comments ››

As an executive leader, who tells you not just what you want to hear but what you need to hear?  Very few executive leaders are willing to risk having an honest broker as a part of their inner circle. Few employees are prepared to be brutally honest with their immediate supervisor let alone the CEO [...]

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Downsizing and Priorities

03.12.2014  |  Posted by: Ken Thiessen  |  No Comments ››

My wife and I have just been through the process of downsizing.  In a strategic and proactive move, we decided to sell our beautiful bungalow and purchase a new but much smaller condo.  That process has been most enlightening, challenging, and at times downright frustrating!  One thing you need to know by way of minor [...]

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There’s No Crying In Baseball

01.26.2014  |  Posted by: Nancy Eberhardt  |  No Comments ››

Shouting this famous line, Tom Hanks’ character in the movie A League of Their Own (about the All-American Girls’ Baseball League in place during World War II) reminds us that baseball is a sport of tough love. Despite the sport’s lack of empathy, I do love baseball.
One of my favorite books is The Art of [...]

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