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Core Value Awards

11.18.2014  |  Posted by: Keith Cupp  |  No Comments ››

Coaches, as we reflect on our Fall Growth Summit week together, it is appropriate to highlight our Core Value Awards, the individuals exemplifying the values.
For the Good of the Order
Brad Giles in Perth has been a persistent voice for Gazelles International to improve our web, social and overall online presence and experience. About 18 months [...]

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What Gazelles Means to A Coach

08.22.2014  |  Posted by: Doug Wick  |  No Comments ››

I’ve seen the other route and I’m convinced this is the best way to coach.

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Facing The Brutal Facts – The Value of an Honest Broker

04.13.2014  |  Posted by: Ken Thiessen  |  No Comments ››

As an executive leader, who tells you not just what you want to hear but what you need to hear?  Very few executive leaders are willing to risk having an honest broker as a part of their inner circle. Few employees are prepared to be brutally honest with their immediate supervisor let alone the CEO [...]

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Downsizing and Priorities

03.12.2014  |  Posted by: Ken Thiessen  |  No Comments ››

My wife and I have just been through the process of downsizing.  In a strategic and proactive move, we decided to sell our beautiful bungalow and purchase a new but much smaller condo.  That process has been most enlightening, challenging, and at times downright frustrating!  One thing you need to know by way of minor [...]

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No More Excuses

11.26.2013  |  Posted by: Hazel Jackson  |  No Comments ››

It is incredible how one phrase, with only 12 words could speak so clearly to me in the recent EO conference I attended in Berlin.  And the more I read it, the deeper its meaning became to me.
“The price of discipline is always less than the pain of regret”
Over the last 12 months, I’ve worked [...]

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