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GI Coach Chris Kenny’s Key Takeaways from the 2015 Leadership Summit

05.18.2015  |  Posted by: Chris Kenny  |  No Comments ››

We asked GI Coach Chris Kenny to tell us what impacted him most about last week’s Leadership Summit. Here’s his list:
· Be real and tell your own story from the heart. The best example of this was Verne Harnish in the closing session.
· [...]

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Michelle LaVallee, Gazelles International Coach, doubles business growth every year

04.28.2015  |  Posted by: admin  |  No Comments ››

When Michelle LaVallee launched her consulting practice, her primary challenge was staying current with market best practices—so she could bring them to her clients.
As the founder of Management Success China in 2011 serving retail, hospitality, legal, tourism and manufacturing ($4m-&800m) in Shanghai, China, Michelle had been using the Rockefeller Habits and Topgrading since 2006. Joining [...]

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Will Ditzler, Gazelles International Coach, catalyzes his practice

04.16.2015  |  Posted by: admin  |  No Comments ››

When Will Ditzler decided to become a coach, Gazelles International was the obvious choice. He knew the GI approach to business growth worked, because in 14 years as president and CEO of a regional mid-market company, he and his team escalated growth from $400,000 to $20 million leveraging Rockefeller Habits disciplines and tools.
Passionate about [...]

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Mark Green works less, earns more and makes a greater contribution as a GIC coach

04.07.2015  |  Posted by: admin  |  No Comments ››

Mark Green was plateauing in income and maxing out with time commitments. A senior-level coach wanting to serve the middle market, his previous coaching network’s tools for small companies were proving inadequate for making this leap. So he leapt to Gazelles.
“I joined Gazelles International to credibly elevate my practice into the middle market and [...]

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