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Freak Genes

08.23.2015  |  Posted by: admin  |  No Comments ››

Studies show that when people with supposedly bad genes “are put in the right setting, they don’t merely do better than before, they do the best,” even better than their peers with normal genes.

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Organizational Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

11.10.2014  |  Posted by: Ken Thiessen  |  No Comments ››

In concentrations of greater than 100 ppm carbon monoxide is a lethal, odourless, silent killer! Because it emits no odour or sound, it consumes its’ victims before they even realize the deadly trajectory life is headed. Organizational carbon monoxide poisoning functions in exactly the same way. The pervasive, murderous predator is a [...]

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B Players are NOT Good Enough

09.15.2014  |  Posted by: admin  |  No Comments ››

By Guest Blogger, Brad Smart
Hundreds of companies have embraced Topgrading and have achieved 75%+ hiring success, meaning 75%+ of those hired turn out to be A Players. But there sometimes is confusion as to what exactly is an A Player, and why is “A Potential” the only other “good” category. Why aren’t B Players [...]

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Facing The Brutal Facts – The Value of an Honest Broker

04.13.2014  |  Posted by: Ken Thiessen  |  No Comments ››

As an executive leader, who tells you not just what you want to hear but what you need to hear?  Very few executive leaders are willing to risk having an honest broker as a part of their inner circle. Few employees are prepared to be brutally honest with their immediate supervisor let alone the CEO [...]

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Never Too Late

04.07.2014  |  Posted by: Nancy Eberhardt  |  No Comments ››

On March 18, 24 veterans were awarded the Medal of Honor decades after their acts of service that earned them this highest recognition of valor. Sadly, just three were still alive to receive their medals in person. The mass ceremony was the largest since World War II and was the result of an Army review [...]

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