Certification Program

Gazelles International’s certification program is a rigorous process which coaches may choose to complete. Certification is a prestigious status that fewer than 100 coaches worldwide have achieved. It is open to executive coaches with experience successfully accelerating the growth of mid-sized organizations either as business coaches, entrepreneurs, or executives within the company’s leadership.

To achieve certification, coaches must complete and display requirements such as:

  • Study and mastery of the Four Decisions™ (based on the Rockefeller Habits), including a two-day training;
  • Study and application of Gazelles International Best Practices
  • Ongoing education from international thought leaders such as Jim Collins, Aubrey Daniels, Marcus Buckingham and Tony Hsieh, at semi-annual summits and webinars.

Certified coaches are some of the best, sharpest and most successful business coaches in the world. Certification status means they are exceptional in their ability to help clients apply the Four Decisions™ growth tools successfully, they employ effective and valuable best practices for the benefit of their clients, and they are continuously seeking further education to stay current and sharp. We require our certified coaches to seek recertification each year.

As with all Gazelles International Coaches, certified coaches also adhere to and live by Gazelles International’s Core Values and Brand Promise.

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