Gazelles International is a trust-based organization and your commitments as a member are straightforward.

Our coaches commit to a one-year, renewable affiliation with Gazelles International. Affiliation and entry into Gazelles International begins when you return your signed Gazelles International Coaching Association Agreement and billing authorization form, covering the initiation fee and first quarter’s dues.

The Association Agreement takes effect on a mutually agreed upon date and ends exactly one year later, and automatically renews after that. So long as you pay your quarterly dues, your affiliation with Gazelles International remains in full force and effect, allowing you to continue to enjoy all the membership benefits.

A coach may terminate membership in Gazelles International after the first full year of commitment, upon giving 90-days written notice directly to President Keith Cupp. If a coach terminates membership in accordance with these terms, s/he is eligible to pay a small fee and move into a status of “inactive coach” for up to one year. An inactive coach can reactive his or her membership within that year of inactivity without paying any additional initiation or reactivation fees.