To join Gazelles International, each selected new coach pays a one-time initiation fee of $3,000.00 USD (North America). Coaches also pay quarterly dues of $1,000 USD per quarter.

The Initiation Fee covers the costs of administering the set-up of your membership in the Gazelles International Coaching Association.

The Quarterly Dues cover the costs of the following items:

  • The ongoing association of each designated coach;
  • Monthly networking conference calls and webinars;
  • Attendance at the two annual Gazelles International Coaches Summits and Gazelles Growth Summits (held in May and October), to sustain professional education;
  • Access to our “coaches only” website pages, with proprietary tools;
  • Unlimited access to online seminars on Gazelles Growth Institute;
  • Significant discounts on Gazelles programs, products and services;
  • A listing for Certified Coaches on our “Locate a Coach” page on the Gazelles International website.

Additional & Optional Costs:

For coaches who wish to become certified, we offer at an additional cost ($4,000 USD plus travel & lodging), a 2-day Intellectual Property Certification Training. We currently offer this training in conjunction with our two annual summits (May & October) as well as in February.

Beginning in the quarter you attend Certification Training, you pay a $1000 USD per quarter Intellectual Property License fee that includes an unlimited license to utilize our exclusive “coaches only” versions of the latest Rockefeller Habits/Four Decisions™ products and services. This training/license qualifies coaches to present their own local, public and private client workshops.

For certified coaches, there is an annual recertification process, which includes attendance at one or more Coaches Summits a year, and a half-day re-certification training (held in conjunction with a Coaches Summit). The quarterly license fee covers the training, content, and use of IP. This recertification process ensures that our certified coaches stay sharp and up-to-date on the latest growth tools.

All initiation fees, IP license fee, quarterly dues, and any other Gazelles International product/services fees may be payable by charge/credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express).