Brand Promise

Best Education.

We promise our coaches some of the best executive education in the world, which they can in turn pass on to their own clients. Coaches enjoy ongoing education from thought leaders, such as Jim Collins, Aubrey Daniels, Tom Peters, and Tony Hsieh. Our semi-annual summits, monthly calls and webinars, and other learning opportunities also ensure our coaches have access to education that will keep them sharp, current and relevant.

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Best Tools.

From world-class intellectual property in multiple languages, to time-tested growth concepts and tools, Gazelles International offers coaches access, ongoing education, and training in the Four Decisions™ (formerly Mastering the Rockefeller Habits). Gazelles and Gazelles International partner with multiple thought leaders and business “gurus” to bring value and additional material and tools to our coaches that complement the Four Decisions™ and help take their clients to the next level.

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Best Community.

Through mentorships, biannual summits, partnerships and collaboration via social technology, we catalyze and share our deep, rich set of best practices for coaches. These best practices grow out of the knowledge (and collaboration) of our worldwide network of coaches and dozens of top business thought leaders. Our best practices and knowledge mature over time as we learn together and from each other.

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