Core Purpose & Values

Core Purpose

“Impact: Let’s make a difference—together.”

Core Values

Above and beyond

We go the extra mile and give freely of our time and talents. We contribute in ways that make our community, both locally and worldwide, a better place.

For the good of the order

We are generous servant leaders. We motivate, encourage and restore each other, our clients, and the broader, global business community.  We make others better by being involved in their lives and serving.

Oh yeah, why not?

We do not disregard the impossible just because it has been deemed so. We entertain creative and out-of-the-box solutions and ideas. Giving up and giving in are not part of who we are.

We win together or we don’t play

We have a win-win mindset. We collaborate and brainstorm to discover alternatives and solutions where everyone wins. Zero-sum is a thing of the past and a habit we do not entertain.

One plus one equals seven (1+1=7).

We believe that together we can achieve more. Through collaboration and synergy (leveraging our community), we exponentially increase our impact, problem-solving capabilities, and ability to assist clients and help them grow.