Keith Cupp

Keith Cupp

Keith Cupp is president and head coach at Gazelles International, and is located in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. He has over 20 years “in the trenches” operating experience as a business leader in the high technology, real estate, aerospace and transportation industries. He served on two executive management teams whose companies were awarded “Fastest Growth Companies” recognition in the state of Washington.

View Keith’s Certified Coach bio page for more details.

Jean Carpenter

Jean Carpenter

Executive or  (360) 798-9471
Jean Carpenter helps keep the business running for Keith Cupp. Finance, accounting, operations, coordination of marketing programs and coaching services—Jean does it all! She contributes her skills and experience as a former small business owner, legal assistant, and real estate agent to the variety of tasks she handles.

Jean is a California native and an alumna of San Diego State University and the University of San Diego. Jean and her husband live in Southwest Washington and are enjoying the “empyt nest” as her two children are in college. In the little free time that she has, Jean enjoys pilates, reading, hiking, and travel.

Jennifer Cupp

Jennifer Cupp

Jennifer Cupp is Keith’s oldest daughter as well as his company assistant. She lends her background in communication and journalism to marketing communications for Gazelles International. She occasionally assists Keith with annual and quarterly planning sessions and workshops. She has been trained in the Four Decisions™ content, as well as helping to write and edit it.

Jennifer is an alumna of Washington State University and has a master’s degree in international and intercultural communication from the University of Denver. Aside from her work with Gazelles International, Jennifer also works in communications in the Bureau for Food Security at USAID, managing a U.S. government initiative website. She lives in Washington, DC.

Jennifer Cupp

Maureen Chan-Hefflin

Marketing or (360) 931-7882

Maureen Chan-Hefflin serves Gazelles International as the marketing services contractor. She brings over 20 years of corporate marketing communication experience, broadly integrated across a wide range of audiences and cultures in the domestic and global markets. She serves as an adjunct instructor in Clark College’s Business Technology department, and she is also active on the American West Vancouver Chinese School board.

Born and raised in Singapore, Maureen came to the United States for her tertiary education where she received her bachelor of arts in communications at the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. She also holds a master’s degree in public affairs. Maureen currently resides in Vancouver, Washington, with her husband and her two sons.

Cindy Kraft

Cindy Kraft or (503) 730-4166

As Gazelles International operations coordinator, Cindy Kraft leads and administers Gazelles International’s events, in addition to coordinating the many daily business tasks. As a computer programmer and systems administrator, Cindy has 24 years experience dealing with all types of data involved in the business process. Spreadsheets, databases, websites and marketing materials keep her multi-tasking skills in great shape.

Cindy has a degree in business computer systems from the University of Portland. She happily resides in Vancouver, Washington, where she and her husband are raising their two children.

Debbie Trimble or (360) 921-5014

Debbie Trimble recently joined the Gazelles International team as administrative assistant. Debbie will handle the accounting and bookkeeping for Gazelles International, in addition to supporting the Gazelles International team in handling the myriad administrative tasks. Debbie has over 35 years of experience in the administrative office environment, and she is excited to be a part of the Gazelles team.

Debbie achieved her business certificate at Columbia Basin College and went straight into the local workforce. She and her husband currently live in southwest Washington, where they are raising their son and daughter.