What our coaches say…

I have gained an incredible amount since becoming involved with the Gazelles organization including friends and colleagues and as one of my advisors had told me, great intellectual property. And we’ve really been able to help the clients we work with because of that, and that’s really how it has benefited our practice.

-Cheryl Beth Kuchler, CEO Think Tank & Business Improvement

I joined Gazelles International to credibly elevate my practice into the middle market and to surround myself with ‘next level’ coaches who can help me continue my own professional growth. I’ve achieved both in relatively short order and continue to value and appreciate the education, the community, and the ever-evolving tools that enable me to achieve my personal and professional goals.

-Mark Green, Performance Dynamics Group

Gazelles International has provided the tools, reputation, mentorship, and education that have helped me grow my personal business by 48% year over year since I launched the business. Read more here.

-Michelle Lavalle, Management Success China

Coach Hazel Jackson

Coach Ken Larson

What our clients say…

This year, we’re projecting a profit that matches our worst year’s loss. Thanks to Doug and GI, Phelan’s Interiors now has a foundation of best practices that gives us room to grow and achieve even more. Read more here.

-Tom Phelan, Phelan’s Interiors

Jim Jubelirer is dedicated to helping Stop Hunger Now achieve a world without hunger. He very quickly understood our organizational challenges and helped us devise a plan to address them. Last year was nothing short of transformational for the organization as we established a clear and concise strategic plan, aligned staffing roles and responsibilities, identified core processes and determined ways to improve them, and enhanced communication throughout the organization. I appreciate how Jim frequently poses questions that help us question and think through our assumptions.

-Rod Brooks, Stop Hunger Now

Doug is our trusted, independent advisor. He brings a more objective view to organizational dynamics and keeps us strategically focused on the future direction of the business, while equipping us with Gazelles best practices and new thinking.

-Michele Buson, Excel4apps

I feel less stress and more effective as a leader since adopting the Rockefeller Habits and coaching… Bottom line is that the Habits and Gazelles coaching provide a road map to successful growth to any business leader. I couldn’t recommend this system more highly.

-Paul Taylor, President, WebMarketing123

Having a Gazelles coach has meant a complete transformation in my company over the last two and a half years. We went from the first eight years of our company with just me running by the seat of my pants. Having the exposure to all kinds of management insight has just made a complete change in our company.

-Tim Storm, FatWallet.com

I highly recommend the process to any company that is looking for growth and purpose and organization.

-Ray King, CEO, AboutUs.org

Client Mike Assad

Client Kevin Sheridan